Friday, June 17, 2011

Keeping studebts interested

There are many ways to keep a student interested in class. Take breaks allowing the kids to socialize five minutes tops. this well keep them from getting bored and take a break to be fresh to learn more. You could make the learning environment more comfortable by having swivel chairs or cushions i know i like a comfortable work space to my work. Learning environment is a key game changer when it comes to school but  so is the tools we use to help us learn.

 Next year the school is providing us with Ipads. I think the iPad will help the students take more notes and be prepared for their tests. The ipad has many useful apps to help everyone. Because everyone learns a different. When i get the ipad i am going to search for tools to help study more for my tests, because i was not prepared this year at all.

Last but not least is study technique every one studies differently going on line. with friends,constant memorizing . I think the school should offer a class for study skills and concentration helping  you not procrastinate and get a C when you should be getting a B.  If there was a class for study skills most kids would not take it but the ones that do would see a great increase in their grades. I hope this was helpful those were just some of my thoughts to help kids stay interested in school

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ipad downloading

I think every student shoud be able to download what they want on their Ipad next year.  One reason so kids will be more excited for the ipad and motivate them to use it to learn. If  it did get out of control you would be able to monitor the downloads and confront the kids if they are innapropriate or getting out of hand. by giving the students the right to download what they want it might boost the student learning intrest alot. these are some thoughts on why letting kids download what they want could be good.

Friday, June 10, 2011

North shore technical high school app

There are my good things about this app. One is all teachershave a site where you can see what your homework is. They also have places where you can look at scholarships for high school. Next you can see sports schedules and even make notes for yourself to remind yourself later. North shore technical high school had the right idea with this app and I think it would help if we made an app for school to.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sleep deprived

I agree with these surveys. Every day I get up and I am more and more tired. I get into school and sit in my classes. The teachers are talking and I am listening but i can't take I. Half the stuff they say because I don't have the energy to take it all in. This is bringing my grades down because on the test there is a lot of content I did not remember learning when I don't get sleep I am a mess.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Common sense

common sense is a good website for parents and kids. It is a good website for parents because it gives technology help and advice to parents about Internet safety.It helps kids by teaching them about tools and curricula to help them study and be more prepared for class. It is also a good help for kids because it can teach them new study tips and ways to get the most out of your learning. This is a good site for kids to go to before big test or quiz.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Technology

I think with the new technology and apps for technology like Skype. With Skype we could hook up to the classroom from our own homes. This could eliminate school days and sick days. This would help the year go by quicker and eliminate the piles of work you get when you come back from being sick. this could also let the students be more comfortable when needing to learn. the downside is connection problems and social skills. If we had bad connection at our house and can not  get  the signal to your class the teacher might assume that you do not want to learn and are skipping. Also if we were always talking on the internet to people it would not help us talking to them in person. Skype is a good tool because it allows you to see the person you are talking you. There is also the possibility that a bad person will get the connection and that could not end well.